Biolaitosyhdistys ry
c/o Juha Pirkkamaa Anttilantie 4
(040) 580 3692

Finnish association for biological waste treatment

On January 2019 a new association has been founded, namely The Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association. It will comprehensively continue the work of Finnish Association for Biological Waste Treatment and Finnish Biogas Association, and also take care of the quality assurance project "Lara laaturavinne." In summer 2019 the Finnish Association for Biological Waste Treatment will be closed down.

biolaitosyhdistys_logo-englanti.jpgThe Finnish association for biological waste treatment (Biolaitosyhdistys ry) is a national association, which was founded 2005 by companies and organisations, which operate in the field of the treatment of organic waste and the production of organic soil improvers. It represents the members general and specific interests related to their business, promotes the collaboration between the members and improves the branches general conditions for business.

The task of the association is also to rise the publicity of the branch and to improve the image of the biological treatment of waste. To fulfil their tasks the association monitors the economical development of the branch and the legislation. It provides proposals, presentations and statements related to it´s tasks. The association guides and councels members in business related aspects by the organisation of meetings, advising events and trainings as well by the preparation of investigations. The association takes part in international networking with foreign organisations of the branch. 


Member companies: 

Biofacta Oy

Biokasvu Oy

Biolan Oy

Eurofins Viljavuuspalvelu Oy

Gasum Oy

Honkajoki Oy

HSY Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut

Kekkilä Oy


Lammin Puutarhamulta

Mustankorkea Oy

Soilfood Oy

Ab Stormossen Oy

Watrec Oy

Vehkosuon Komposti Oy

Ålandskomposten Ab

Institutional members:


Suomen Kiertovoima ry - KIVO


Finnish Assciation for biological waste treatment
(Biolaitosyhdistys ry)
c/o Juha Pirkkamaa
Anttilantie 4


Speaker Christoph Gareis, 

GSM + 358 40 829 6572,
e-mail christoph.gareis(at)hsy.fi

Executive Director Juha Pirkkamaa, 

GSM + 358 40 580 3692,
e-mail jpirkkamaa(at)gmail.com